About Us

We are creating software we want to build.

We are creating a company we want to work in.

We are hackers and geeks that are united by friendship, compromise and passion for software.

Ours is a small, tight knit outfit whose goal is to please our clients, build the best software in the world, have fun doing it, and eat at least one asado every two weeks (Argentine barbecue).

Our idea of fun emanates from the geek within, so hours of hacking on NLP and AI related apps is just our cup of tea.

We have been through the renowned software companies on the planet (Intel, HP, Gameloft, the second most important NLP company in the world), we have put satellites in space while working for CONAE (Argentine NASA) and our computer science skills (yeah, maybe our hacking skills too) were honed in one of the most prestigious schools in Latin America and France.

So if you want great cutting edge software, come on, meet our teamsee our work. I’ll assure you, we have what it takes to get the job done, and we’ll love every minute of it.